Line Dance Association
Since 2000




Come along & ride with me by Cati Torella (ES)

Desirable by Chrystel Durand (FR)

Easy Twist by Séverine Fillion (FR)

Good Vibes by Fred Whitehouse (GB)

Keep it Simple by Magggie Gallagher (GB)

Lento by Ira Weisburd(US) & Raymond Sarlemijn (NL)

Lonely lovers by Maddison Glover (AU)

Mama Angels, by Angeles Fernandez Madero (AR)

Mr. Lonely (Midland_Line Dancers) by Robert Royston (US)

She made my day by Roger Neff (US)

Whisky bridges by Madison Glover (AU)

You make me wanna Sway by Conrad Farnham (US)



A Little Bit of Love – Mª Angeles Mateu Simón (ES) & Jesús Moreno Vera (ES)

Adventure 45 by Ria Vos (NL) & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane (NL)

Amor Eterno en Mexico by Denise Delgado (MX)

Born to be great by Conrad Farnham (US)

Borrow my heart by Teo Lattanzio (IT)

By and By by Lilly & Mario Hollnsteiner (AT)

Crossroad by David Villellas (ES), Montse Chafino (ES), Angeles Fernandez Madero (AR)

Damn!!! By Rob Fowler (GB)

Day Of The Dead by Dan Albro (US)

Grafiti by Karl-Harry Winson (GB)

Havana Cha by Rija Vos (NL)

Leaving´ Stephenville by Tiziana Nastasi (IT), Chrystel Durand (FR), Jesus Moreno (ES) & Angeles Mateu (ES)

Nothing but you by Darren Bailey (GB)

Revolution by Fred Whiteouse (GB)

Simple by Laura Jones (BE)

Smoky Mountain whisky by Ivonne Verhagen (NL) & Roy Verdonk (NL)

Stronger Than You by Silvia Denisse Staiti (IT)

The South by Marie Claude Gil (FR)

White Whisky by French Cowgirls (FR)



Blood Sweat and Beer by Karl-Harry Winson (GB) and Jonas Dahlgren (SE)

Burning The Day  by Teo Lattanzio (IT)

Celtic Duo by Maggie Gallagher(GB) & Gary O Reilly (IE)

Codigo by Pat Stott (GB)

Come Alive by Shane McKeever (GB) & Rachael McEnaney (GB)

Corazón de Metal by Wil Bos (NL)

Flip, Flop & Fly by Martine Canonne (FR)

Groovy Love by Fred Whitehouse(GB), Daniel Trepat(NL), Jonas Dahlgren(SE)

Hurts Like a Cha Cha by Simon Ward (AU), Daniel Trepat(NL) & Fred Whitehouse(GB)

If I had you by Jef Camps (BE) & Grace David (KR)

Like she used to by Hayley Wheatley (GB)

Music to my Eyes by Derek Steele (US) & Simon Ward (AU)

Remember us this way by Alison Johnstone (AU) & Daniel Trepat (NL)

Simply the best by Maddison Glover (AU) & Rachael McEnaney (GB)

Sucker by Julia Wetzel (US)

Vanotek Cha by Gary O Reilly (IE)

Why don`t we by Hunji Chung (KR)



Adriano Castagnoli (IT)

Angeles Fernandez Madero (AR)

Bruno Moggia (FR)

Cati Torrella (ES)

Chrystel Durand (FR)

Cristina Yang (KR)

Dan Albro (US)

Denisse Delgado (MX)

Fred Whitehouse (GB)

Gary O`Reilly (IE)

Hyunji Chung (KR)

Jenny Stephenson (GB)

Jessica Devlin (GB)

Joel Cormery (FR)

Lilian Lo (CN)

Maddison Glover (AU)

Maggie Gallagher (GB)

Maria Rovira (ES)

Martine Canonne (FR)

Montse Chafino (ES)

Nicola Lafferty (GB)

Roy Verdonk (NL)

Séverine Fillion (FR)

Shane McKeever (GB)

Silvia Denise Staiti (IT)

Teo Lattanzio (IT)

Tiziana Nastasi (IT)

Wil Bos (NL)



ACCRO Country . Arnaud Marrafa (FR)

Barail Ranch (FR)

Billy Bob`s – Disney Paris (FR)

Cowboy Saloon Voghera (IT)

Honky Tonk El Encuentro (ES)

Free Dancers 40 (FR)

JMV Line Dance (ES)

Juillan Pyrenees Country (FR)

Line Dance Academy (FR)

Line Dance Club – Buenos Aires (AR)

Line Dance Story. Laure Anne Vitelli (FR)

Sicania West Country (IT)

Wild Boots Country Dance (IT)



8 Segundos (MX)

Adrián Tigen (AR)

Backwest Country Band (FR)

Bluebird Country Band (CH)

Caballo Dorado (MX)

Crazy Pug (FR)

Dale Watson (US)

Didier Beaumont (FR)

Fabio Canu (IT)

Felix Truvere (US)

Home Free (US)

Kaleb McIntire (US)

Lisa Mc Hugh (GB)

Martha Fields (US)

Max Country Music (AR)

Rose Alleyson (FR)

Silverado Country Band (IT)

Steff Nevers (NO)

Swing Commanders (GB)

Tennessee Country (AR)

The Barroom Buddies (ES)




Cats by Laura Nanclares                    

Chebo by Chema Martinez

Dark Cowboy by Jesús Moreno

Dust by Victor Manuel Rodriguez Alvarez

Easy MQ by Montserrat Soler y Quim Aymerich

Flik Flak by GiP

Oh Julie by Marita Torres

The Road by Cati Torrella & Maria Rovira

Waiting You by Pilar Perez



A Beach by Maria Rovira

Day of Victory by Pol F. Ryan

Dream Machine by Neus Lloveras & Raul Alvarez

Get Country by Carolyn Corbet y Mª José Balsalobre

I had a Dream by The Dreamers

Love it by Montse Moscardo

Mockingbird by Cati Torrella

Our Good Night by Belén Márquez, María Rovira y Tony García

Out of Jail by Merce Orriols

Really Love You by David Villellas and Montse Chafino

Simple as can be by Belen Vergara

Texas on Fire by Cristina Jodra, Marcela Lucero, Mª José Balsalobre

The Country Fair by Angeles Mateu

The Outward Journey by Jesús Moreno

This Loving You by The Dreamers

Wild Forever by Neus Lloveras



A Broken Heart by Maria Rovira

Ofen Party by Belen Marquez

Oye Lalala Lala by Maria Rovira

Panic by Jesus Moreno

Pedirte Perdón by Belén Márquez

The Coffe by Jesus Moreno



Angeles Mateu

Belen Vergara

Carles Molina

David Villellas

Javier Rodriguez

Jesus Moreno

Joan Aranda

Laura Nanclares

Manel i Carme

Maria Rovira

Marita Torres

Montse Chafino

Neus Lloveras

Pituca Fernandez

Pol F Ryan

Tony Garcia

Xavier Barrera

Xavier Colomer



Baile Country Zaragoza

Country Solidari

Country Valencia

El Barn d´en Greg

Honky Tonk El Encuentro

J.M.V Line Dance

Legends dance hall

On Fire Country & Western

Poti Poti


Sport Dance Latorre

Sweet Country Boots



All Woods Country Band

Chisum Cattle Co.

Colorado Strings

Connie & The Rockets

Jeb Andrews

Joe Fields

Sherman Trail

Susan Santos

The Barroom Buddies

The Wild Horses

Widow Makers